The new abortion pill; Mifegymiso is now available for Medical Family Planning.

Medical Abortion procedures is now available in Ottawa, our medical care include the following services:

Consultation for unplanned pregnancy and the medical family planning method most suitable for you.
Medication for medical abortion pill is now covered by OHIP.
Determination of blood group and in case that you are rhesus negative and the rhesus injection prescription.

Referral to a gynecologist for woman's health consultation for suitable contraception choice. 

Medical pregnancy termination method;

The patient, who takes the tablet independently (more responsibility for the patient, also more confrontation).

1st day: Methotrexate or the New (Mifegymiso) Mifepristone
3rd and 4th day: Misoprostol
Expulsion usually happens without being noticed.

Additional medication; Antibiotics and pain medication prescribed by your family planning provider.
Patients must follow doctor's recommendations and use condoms.
Side effects:

- Weakness
- Bleeding is usually a bit stronger and longer lasting than menstruation.
- Complications are very rare: like infections. 
- Possibly cramps like pain, nausea.

- Rarely: vomiting, diarrhea.

- Procedure is very fast and complications are very rare.

- New Monday clinics appointment will decrease the turnaround time, usually completed the same week. Appointments are also available during the week.
- Can be performed very early, no anaesthesia needed, the patient does not hand over the control over her body.

- Patient is not visiting an abortion clinic. Our clinic also provides other women's health care services, keeping a higher level of confidentiality of services offered when making family planning a personal choice.

- This medication does not affect future pregnancies.
- The medication is now covered by OHIP.
- Only possible up to the 10th week of pregnancy, which make it a time sensitive choice.

- You may wait a little longer than a regular gynecologist appointment in the clinic's waiting room as each patient is giving time to understand every steps of this medical pregnancy termination procedures. It is understanding that some patients may need extra time when they come to their first appointment.
- The patient needs some time, the treatment takes a couple of days ,stronger bleeding, possibly pain.

- Patient cannot take this medication alone in case severe pain or bleeding, must be with someone who can drive to the nearest hospital emergency department in case of complications.

There are three steps involved for our medical abortion services: 3 visits to our clinic.

First visit; you are scheduled for two appointments: A dating ultrasound appointment followed by a doctor’s appointment. After meeting with the doctor, his medical assistant will give you the next appointment date and time, your Mifegymiso prescription is now covered with your valid OHIP card. .

Second visit; you will have a doctor’s appointment and will be given the medication if your are under 10 weeks  pregnant and your blood work lab results are compatible with the medication.The new medication; Mifegymiso is now covered with your valid OHIP card. Note Quebec patient must pay for the medication.

- You will take the first medication orally. Mifepristone is the medication that stops the pregnancy. Your doctor will also prescribe antibiotics and pain medication.

 - Within the next few days, your doctor will tell you how and when to take the Misoprostol . This is the medication that empties your uterus. You will probably start to have strong cramps and bleeding, similar to a heavy period. Pain medicine or a heating pad can help with the cramps. You may also have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, chills, or feel tired. If you use more than two feminine maxipads an hour for two consecutive hours, you should present yourself to the nearest emergency department. It is important to always be with someone who can drive you to nearest hospital, if needed. You will also be provided with a form to note your journal, you should carry this form with you to note all symptoms and we will recommend you bring this information with you in the case you need to get emergency care. Your doctor's medical assistant will give you the dates and times of your appointments for your third visit.

Third visit; It is very important that you return to the clinic for a follow up ultrasound or blood work and doctor appointments; to make sure that the abortion is completed. The doctor will request a pelvic trans-vaginal ultrasound or blood work and a follow up visit. In the rare case that your medical abortion is incomplete, you may need to take an additional dose of Misoprostol or have surgical procedure. Your doctor will advise and recommend to see one of our gynecologist to choose which birth control options are best suitable for you and your budget.

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